2020 Breastfeeding Summit: Strengthening Our Vision for Continuity of Care

2020 Breastfeeding Summit: Strengthening Our Vision for Continuity of Care 2020-12-01T12:23:05-05:00

The Ruth A. Lawrence Lactation Education Series Presents:

2020 Breastfeeding Summit: Strengthening Our Vision for Continuity of Care

We welcome individuals to watch the following presentations from our 2020 Breastfeeding Summit which was co-sponsored by the Rochester Regional Breastfeeding Coalition, Rochester Regional Health and the University of Rochester. We regret that there were some technical problems with the recording thus not all of the presentations were captured. But, please enjoy the very informative presentations that we were able to capture and share. No CNEs or LCERPs are available, this is strictly for your personal education.

Cheryl Martin, MA, BSN, Master CASAC presents: Using evidence-based Motivational Interviewing to support engagement and open the door to behavior change; and, mother’s share their breastfeeding stories/experiences. The objectives of the two part presentation include enabling participants to 1) Describe the “way of being” or approach of Motivational Interviewing that builds trust and strengthens the professional relationship; 2) Demonstrate how to “give information” using Elicit-Provide-Elicit; 3) Identify and describe at least two breastfeeding challenges and two successful/positive experiences of mothers from our community representing a variety of racial/ethnic/socioeconomic backgrounds

Panel Discussion with Breastfeeding Mothers

Motivational Interviewing

Lori Feldman-Winters, MD presents: Management of Exclusive breastfeeding throughout the First Week of Life. The objectives of this presentation include enabling participants to 1) Identify normative patterns of exclusive breastfeeding throughout the first week; 2) Define conditions that place a mother-baby dyad at-risk of having problems establishing breastfeeding during the first week; 3) Delineate the management strategies to support continued exclusive breastfeeding as well as best practices regarding supplementation

Marianne Neifert, MD, MTS, FAAP presents: Keeping Breastfeeding Going: Evidence-Based Practices to Promote Exclusive and Extended Breastfeeding. Objectives for this presentation include enabling participants to: 1) Discuss early follow-up and assessment of breastfeeding dyads to identify and endure timely intervention for problems in the initiation of lactation; 2) Apply principles of lactation physiology in counseling breastfeeding women to maintain adequate milk production throughout their baby’s first year; 3) Describe appropriate counseling for common lactation concerns and empowering support to help breastfeeding mothers achieve exclusive breastfeeding recommendations and their own breastfeeding goals.


Marianne Neifert, MD, MTS, FAAP presents: Breastfeeding Grief and Other Ethical Issues Surrounding the Intense Promotion of Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding Amid the Realities of Insufficient Milk. Objectives include enabling participants to 1) Discuss ethical concerns–including infant morbidities, maternal breastfeeding grief, and the rise in informal milk sharing–related to the intense promotion of exclusive breastfeeding and the prevalence of insufficient milk; 2) Describe empathic counseling to help mothers with disappointing breastfeeding experiences heal their distressing grief; 3) Review lactation care providers’ ethical responsibility to help clients establish and maintain an abundant milk supply and promote equitable and accessible ongoing lactation services and support.