Coalition launches "Breastfeeding Welcome Here" Decal Program

Coalition launches "Breastfeeding Welcome Here" Decal Program

lindburgersAs we kick off the 2015 World Breastfeeding Week: BREASTFEEDING AND WORK – LET’S MAKE IT WORK!, the Rochester Regional Breastfeeding coalition is proud to announce the
launch of our “Breastfeeding Welcome Here” decal program that recognizes businesses that provide a welcoming environment and a supportive staff for breastfeeding families that are customers of their establishment. At the time of this posting, over 12 businesses have joined the program. Participating businesses receive:

  • The “Breastfeeding Welcome Here” window decal that when prominently displayed demonstrates management and staff commitment not to ask a breastfeeding mother to leave, move or cover up while breastfeeding her baby.
  • A listing on our website. Our website is provided as a resource to almost all of the approximately 10,000 infants that are born in our area each year, 80% of whom are breastfed.
  • The opportunity to be the featured business of the month in our email update.
  • Access to all of the coalition’s resources for employers who want to support breastfeeding. Research demonstrates that businesses that support breastfeeding employees experience lower turnover, lower absenteeism, lower healthcare costs, higher loyalty, higher retention, and higher productivity

rikiIf you would like to nominate a business for the decal program or if you are a
business that would like to participate in the program, you can submit your information to the coalition here.

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