Existing list of Breastfeeding friendly businesses

Existing list of Breastfeeding friendly businesses 2018-01-11T00:18:25-05:00

Amaya Restaurant in Rochester, NY 14618 Phone: 585-241-3223

Bruegger’s Bagels/Great Northern Pizza Kitchen in Rochester, NY Phone: 585-442-4860

Climbing Vines Cafe and Play, 7217 NY-96, Victor, NY  14564 Phone: 585-502-1722

Lindburgers Restaurant in Penfield, NY Phone: 585-388-9420

Riki’s Family Restaurant in Fairport, NY Phone: 585-388-0139

Royal Café in Fairport, NY Phone: 585-377-1430

Starbucks in Penfield, NY Phone: 585-383-0250

Starbucks in Pittsford, NY Phone: 585-586-8290

Yotality Frozen Yogurt on Mt. Hope in Rochester, NY  Phone: 585-730-5749

Yotality Frozen Yogurt on South Winton in Rochester, NY  Phone: 585-244-2955

Yotality Frozen Yogurt in Pittsford, NY  Phone: 585-967-3938

Yotality Frozen Yogurt in Victor, NY  Phone: 585-869-5309


Grocery and Retail Stores

Hairspot Family Salon in Spencerport, NY Phone: 585-352-8778

Mint Skin Wax and Skin Care Studio in Spencerport, NY Phone: 585-739-6238

Strands Hair Studio in Fairport, NY Phone: 585-377-6410


Public Offices and Libraries
Pittsford Community Library in Pittsford, NY

Henrietta Public Library in Henrietta, NY

Rochester City Libraries

Healthcare Facilities and Offices
YourCare Medical in Penfield, NY


Wickham Farms in Penfield, NY

Cycle Swami Yoga Studio 2900 Monroe Ave., Rochester, NY  14618

Phone: 585-209-0476