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Breastfeeding in the Community: Leveraging Funds & Partnerships for Sustainability
The fourth webinar in the NACCHO Public Health Breastfeeding Series, will address how local health departments (LHDs) and community based organizations (CBOs) can amplify the impact and longevity of community breastfeeding promotion and support programs through skillful leveraging of funds and partnerships. In addition to an overview of the public health significance of leveraging to advance community health goals, participants will receive functional insight from front-line public health practitioners on their organizational experience leveraging finances and or partnership to implement community breastfeeding projects.

Organizational Presenters Include:


Learning Objectives

1.     Describe the public health significance of leveraging resources to advance community health goals.

2.     Differentiate between financial and partnership leveraging as solutions to program sustainability.

3.     Identify at least one practice-oriented strategy that front-line public health practitioners should consider when leveraging financial and or partnership resources in program implementation.

Continuing education credits are available at no-cost for RNs, MDs, CHEs, and CPHs. CERPs for lactation service providers are pending approval.